Suzanne Engel


About Suzanne Engel:
Suzanne Engel was born in Ashland, Kentucky and grew up in Huntington, West Virginia. She paints in oil and her work is shown in various locations in and around Atlanta.  She has sold many paintings in 15 years.

Ms. Engel often paints landscapes, which have been inspired by her world travels. She loves to bring such beautiful locations to the canvas.

Floral still-lifes are also a passion of Suzanne's.  By using a palette knife, she is able to give them amazing texture and dimmension.  These are some of her best selling paintings.

Her most recent love is creating abstracts.  She combines bold colors and thick paint to make remarkably interesting abstract images with a palette knife.

Suzanne is a long time resident of Atlanta.  She is a member of Art Sandy Springs, Friday Morning Open Studio, and was the originator of Brushstrokes.  She has had several one-woman exhibitions and her work is found in many private collections.

Suzanne studied fine art at Indiana University. She had instruction by Eula Ginsberg at the High Museum of Art, Scarlette Rickenbacker and Mark Chatov in figurative art, and Beverly Flanders and Debra Nadelhoffer in landscapes.


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